You may have played scrabble during your childhood. It was a great pass time, which is still famous among the kids. Zynga, a game company, purchased and turned a simple scrabble like game into a power house. The game was originally released on July, 2009 for platforms Android, iOS, Facebook, Kindle Fire, Windows PC and Windows phones. The manufacturer is not officially associated with the scrabble brand, but everything seems similar. All the rules of playing this multi-player word game are similar to the rules of scrabble game.

You can play around 30 games simultaneously by applying the push notifications to inform the users when it is their turn. The players can be completely random or you can check their identity through Facebook, if available. This game offers a feature called Community Match through which you can find the potential opponents to play the game. People often presume that playing Words with Friends would be a very simple task. Actually, it is quite difficult to place the word tiles on a right place to form a real word. You can play this game online and try to beat your opponents by forming words, but soon you will realize that it is difficult to form new words.

It is the time, when you will seek an additional support to win the game. There is no need to worry about it because you can use the Words with Friends Cheat to find the real English words and beat your opponent. Let’s explore some important details on Words with Friends game before you know about the cheats. It will help you in playing the game in a more efficient way.


There is something that makes Words with Friends unique and so addictive. It has got millions of users and most of them play this game on a daily basis. It is Zynga’s word game and it is not as deep as others, but yet it has got a huge response from the smartphone users and Facebook users. This game has got a huge popularity probably because of the feature of connecting with friends and anonymous users. You can play it on the social networking platforms like Facebook and spend a quality without being a part of boring chats. This game shows green notifications, whenever anybody sends you the message during the game. It offers a well-emphasized social experience, whether your opponent is a friend or an unknown individual.


Of course, there are many similarities between scrabble and Words with Friends, but this game is not a digital copy of scrabble. The developers of both games are different and Zynga smartly made some changes to make it a unique game. The board size would be same, but the letter distribution would be different and letter values would be different. The double or triple letter word squares will change the places. You can easily recognize the difference between Words with Friends and Scrabble, if you play Scrabble on a daily basis. However, some similar features will make it feel like Scrabble.


It can be possible that you may have never played Scrabble or Words with Friends. Don’t feel sad because we have explained the gameplay here.

There will be two players and they will draw seven letters from a pool. The letters would be random and that’s what makes the game very interesting. At the turn of your opponent, he will place a word tile in the center of the board and sum up the points enlisted on the letters. Once his turn is over, it would be a challenge to complete the word like people do in the crossword puzzle game. Every new word tile you place on the board, it should be an adjacent word or a letter. You will have to form new words before the opponent to win the game.

People often think that it is like a child’s game because anyone can place the words in a right manner to create an English letter. Well, things are quite difficult here because you get random letters, which are quite difficult to place so that you can form a word. That’s where the users need Words with Friends cheat.


One thing is sure that regular Scrabble players will not find anything new, original or groundbreaking in Words with Friends, but the asynchronous gameplay will bring the real excitement in the game. There are many games on Facebook and play store, which do not require the both players to play the game at the same time. The same thing happens, when you play Words with Friends. By the way, the game can complete very quickly if both players are active and playing online. If you are thinking that you can finish the game within a few minutes, then please stop thinking that. This game can run longer than any other game available on Facebook.

Suppose, you have got easy letters and placed the letters perfectly to form a word, you will gain some points. The game will run like this during the starting minutes, but soon the game will become a slow game. You will get tough letters and you will have to form a word with those letters. Your opponent will also try the same thing. Both the players will take some time to think and place the letters and that’s how the game will run for a long time. Many people may think that it would not be possible to stick to the desktop for such a long time. Zynga has made things simple for you.

You can play this game on many devices like desktops, Smartphones and tabs. You can start the game on the desktop, play it as a Facebook game app and then finish it on the smartphone. The game will start, where you have left it on the Facebook and that’s how you can play it longer than any other Smartphone or Facebook game.


You don’t need to pay any penny, if you want to play Words with Friends on Facebook or on your Smartphone. The base game is available for free and it is hearty enough for many Scrabble fans. Newbie players would take some time in learning this game, but soon they will become experts of this game. Of course, the base game would not be enough for you as you will spend more time by playing it. You will have to spend some bucks at this time, if you want to play a pro version of Words with Friends. The premium version of this game is simply amazing. There will be no video ads and the game will work much faster than before.

You can have instant feedback from the game regarding how many points a word is worth. You will know that how many words are pending and how you can win against an experienced opponent. This game also offers a Word-O-Meter. This new feature helps you in realizing how effective you are against other players. It evaluates your word creating power and provides instant feedback on your performance.


Whether you love to play games on the Smartphone or on the Facebook, Words with Friends is certainly a treat for you. This game is available as a free version and also as a premium version. You should start playing the free version and then move on to the premium version, as you become an expert. It will help you in learning many new words. Anybody from kids to adults can play this game. It is a knowledge booster game and it improves your ability as a competitor.


Winning the game against an experienced opponent can be a tough task. You need to prove that you are better than the opponent and you can do it by applying some strategies and tactics. Of course, there are some strategies and tactics, which you can apply to slow your opponent’s game and take an upper hand on him. Some proven tactics are explained below:


Many experienced players apply this tactic, when they want to gain more points. People extend the words to earn more points for the letters available on the board. Every individual wants to carry as many words as possible for the future moves. Most of the people try this tactic because they don’t get a good choice. They can either earn 10 points by extending the letters or carry a number of bad letters. Pluraization is a common extending tactic. People pluralize the words and gain more points. Some newbie players may leave the words ending against a double or triple word score. You can add an S at the end of the word and earn points by pluralizing it.


There are some players, who don’t seem in a hurry to finish the game. They think they are earning the respect from the opponent, but actually it becomes boring. Your aim should be placing the tiles quickly and forming words as soon as possible so that you can confuse the opponent and win the game.


It is obvious that you will offer many good opportunities for your opponent and he will score over all of your mistakes. You may take some time, but soon you will learn that playing long words is not a good idea. A long word can bring the opponent closer to the triple word bonus square. You should play an interesting letter along with many other free squares near it. It will reduce the opportunities and you will get an upper hand over your opponent.

You should train more and connect as many words as possible. Thus, you can become an expert player of Words with Friends. It may take some time, but this game will entertain you a lot. In case, you don’t want to wait a lot and don’t want to lose against any competitor, then there is a way of winning all the games. You can apply Words with Friends Cheat and win all the games you play.


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