Words of Friends is a popular multiplayer word game that is very similar to the classic board game Scrabble, but they aren’t officially associated with each other. The players are supposed to form words in a crossword style, pretty much the same way as they do while playing Scrabble or other word games.

Words of Friends is developed by Zynga with Friends, and is available across a wide array of platforms, including Android, iOS, Facebook and more. It was released in 2009, and being a multiplayer game, there’s both a two-player and single player mode.

The Words of Friends app offers many interesting features as well, such as in-game chat, the ability to track your performance and stats, finding a suitable opponent based on your performance and skills, allowing you to improve your vocabulary and many more.

While the theme Words with Friends is based on isn’t exactly unique by any means, these features give it the touch of creativity it needs to stand out.


Well, as with pretty much every other word game out there, you would end up hitting a dead end while playing Words of Friends as well. And it would happen fairly often too, as that’s simply the nature of the game.

You just wouldn’t be able to figure out what word to go for next, making things come to a standstill. And this is precisely where a Words with Friends cheat tool can come in and save the day for you.

You just need to put in the words at hand into the tool, and it will return many words having different number of letters. It will also tell you how many points they carry.

This makes using a Words with Friends cheat tool the most efficient way to get around the otherwise extremely challenging and tiresome issue. If you don’t have access to an efficient cheat tool while playing the game, chances are that you will reach a point where it’s just no longer fun to continue playing.

Over time, when you feel that you have had enough of wasting time over trying to find words that you just can’t seem to think of, you may want to give up. And while that may not seem like a big deal to you, it can certainly affect you more significantly than you may think.

You may find yourself going back to the usual time waster games, or watching TV, which is obviously going to do you no good. You would also no longer be steadily building your vocabulary or working on your “word” skills. These skills, however insignificant they may seem, can certainly turn out to be extremely useful at times you least expect them to.

When it’s all said and done, the wise thing to do would probably be to stick to a game such as Words with Friends, but while also having a cheat tool handy, instead of going back to the time waster games and watching TV.