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→ Place tiles on the board and rack by clicking slots and typing letters.
→ TIP : Use the arrow keys to help navigate the board.
→ Place a blank on the rack or convert a letter on a board to a blank by pressing space bar.
→ Press the Find button to search for the top words with the highest scores!




Use the ~ (tilde) key to
cycle through letter
advance options.


Play OXYPHENBUTAZONE for 1769 points with Scrabble!

Play VENTRILOQUIZING for 1333 points with Words With Friends!

Play HYPERIMMUNIZING for 1106 points with Words Chums!

Wordfeud Cheat

Wordfeud is a popular mobile word game developed by Håkon Bertheussen in 2010. In just a few years of existence, Word Feud attained an incredible level of popularity thanks to its many entertaining features. Today, the game continues to enjoy a huge following worldwide.

On the surface, Wordfeud is simply a crossword game that allows players to compete against friends or random opponents through word building and points earning. On a deeper level, however, the game requires such a high level of creativity and ingenuity, and provides so much entertainment, that several communities and devoted enthusiasts have sprung up all over the world thanks to a shared love of the game.

Our Wordfeud cheat tool provides you with everything you will need to get started with the game and get yourself out of tricky situations. It is our hope that with time you will build upon what you are able to learn using our wordfeud cheat tool and become a skilled player on your own.

How to Play Wordfeud: Synopsis of the Game

Wordfeud, like all multiplayer crossword games, involves players taking turns placing tiles on a game board to form words. While the Wordfeud game board is similar to a Scrabble board, it contains special squares that offer bonus points. What’s more, Wordfeud allows players to choose between a standard board layout or a random one.

Players have been known to praise this random element as one of the reasons why they find the game thrilling.

Another unique feature of Wordfeud is that it allows players to customize the game board and tile distribution to make the game more challenging. This means that players can play with different letter and word scores, or even with a completely random tile distribution.

To play Wordfeud, players can search for opponents by username, email address, or Facebook account. Once they have found an opponent, they can start a game and take turns playing until the game is over.

Word Feud vs. Scrabble vs. Words with Friends: What's the Difference?

Wordfeud, Scrabble and Words with Friends are all crossword games with immense popularity worldwide. For a while, players flocked to Wordfeud and Words with Friends thanks to their mobile experience. Back then, people used to refer to Wordfeud as "Scrabble but on mobile".

Nowadays, all of Scrabble, Wordfeud and Words with Friends have strong support for android and iOS mobile phones, but the appeal of one over the other now lies in the actual game play.

While the goal of each game remains the same – outscore your opponent – the exact rules, layouts, and bonuses are where the main differences lie. Proponents of Wordfeud often take to the game thanks to its beautiful avatars, unique score layouts, fast and lightweight nature, and straightforward dictionary compared to Scrabble.

Wordfeud Features and Game Modes

Wordfeud offers a range of features that make it stand out from other word games. These include:

Wordfeud Community and Competitions

Like most popular crossword games out there, Wordfeud has a large and active community of players who share their love of the game on social media and forums. These communities not only ensure that the game continues to grow and players find solace in people with similar interests, but they also provide some other tangible values such as organizing competitions for players of all skill level.
Some of the most famous Wordfeud competitions are often arranged in one-on-one tournaments or championship formats. Here, players are given the chance to compete against the best players in the world until an eventual winner emerges. Wordfeud competitions are a great way for old and new players to test their skills and challenge themselves to improve their games.

Making use of our Wordfeud cheat tool in regular games can be a great way to get yourself ready for tournaments when the time comes. So, if you would like to test your skills, connect with others who share your passion for Wordfeud, share tips and tricks, or just find new opponents to play against, don’t hesitate to join a Wordfeud online community today.

Improving your Game through Our Cheat Tool

Our Wordfeud cheat tools offer a way out of sticky situations. It can be particularly demoralizing losing every game you play, especially when you're just starting out. This is where our cheat tool comes into play.

Instead of being at risk of falling out of love with the game thanks to the constant losing streak, you can make use of this cheat program to discover new words that are not just appropriate for your situation, but will give you the best chances of winning.

What's more, our Wordfeud cheat tool can help you become a better player in the long run. By being constantly exposed to new words and learning how to get out of tricky situations, it is common to find that soon enough, you're able to figure things out on your own and end up not even needing the program anymore.

Wordfeud Tips and Tricks

To become a skilled Wordfeud player, there are several tips and tricks you can follow. Below are some of the most prominent examples: