Words With Friends

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→ Place tiles on the board and rack by clicking slots and typing letters.
→ TIP : Use the arrow keys to help navigate the board.
→ Place a blank on the rack or convert a letter on a board to a blank by pressing space bar.
→ Press the Find button to search for the top words with the highest scores!




Use the ~ (tilde) key to
cycle through letter
advance options.


Play OXYPHENBUTAZONE for 1769 points with Scrabble!

Play VENTRILOQUIZING for 1333 points with Words With Friends!

Play HYPERIMMUNIZING for 1106 points with Words Chums!

Word With Friends Cheat

Words with Friends is a mobile game variation of Scrabble. In Words with Friends, just like in Scrabble, players take turns forming words on a game board using letter tiles with different point values. The major differences between both games, however, lie in the point system, board layout, and dictionary.

Words with Friends can be challenging, but with the right strategy and tools, players can improve their gameplay and increase their chances of winning.

Our Word with Friends cheat tool was created to provide you with a method of improving your gameplay and becoming an overall better player. With this tool, you get to find new words in an instant, learn new strategies, and increase your chances of winning.

Synopsis of the Game

Words with Friends is played on a board similar to Scrabble. Each player is provided with a rack of tiles containing different letters and point values.

The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by forming words on the board. Opponents must take turns placing words on the board, using existing tiles to form new words. Points are awarded based on the value of each letter used and any bonus spaces on the board. This is where the major difference between Scrabble and Words with Friends can be found.

Words with Friends vs. Scrabble: What's the Difference?

Words with Friends and Scrabble are two of the most popular crossword games out there, but there are some key differences between the two. Here's a comprehensive outline of some of the major distinctions.

Knowing the differences between both games is important to allow you to adapt your gameplay and strategy and become a much better and more versatile cross game player.

Words with Friends Tips & Tricks

Like any word games, Word with Friends has a lot of effective tips and tricks that can be employed to increase chances of winning. There are certain tips and tricks that are popular across all word games, such as using high-scoring letters, making use of double and triple word/letter scores, using prefixes and suffixes to form new words.

There are also a few relatively less popular ones, including the following:

Become a Better Player through Cheat Programs

Using a Word with Friends cheat program can help you improve as a "Words with Friends" player in more than a handful of ways. For one, it can help increase your vocabulary. By introducing you to new words and letter combinations you may not have thought of before, you start to realize that in no time at all, you have internalized these words and are capable of recalling them on your own.

It can also help you identify high-scoring words and learn new strategies for using bonus spaces and letters. Our cheat tool provides an easy way to input your letters and find words that will score high points.

Lastly, by taking note of the patterns, you get to learn new strategies for playing that you may not have considered before.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Words with Friends

As with any game, there are some mistakes that players make in Words with Friends that can seriously hurt your chances of winning a game and stop you from becoming a better player in the long run.

Below are some of the most common of these simple errors: